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Apartment to Rent in London

If you’re looking for an accommodation to rent while studying you may want to consider a fully furnished studio apartment that includes TV and high-speed internet facilities. Self-contained flats can offer open plan kitchens and en-suite shower rooms. Many will include electricity, water and heating within the monthly rent. Some will provide round the clock security. Starting prices from around £250 per week.

Depending on the number of people to be housed, apartments cater for singles, couples and families. You have the choice of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments to rent in London. A one bedroom type will basically consist of a double bedroom, spacious lounge, modern bathroom and fitted kitchen. You don’t have to scrimp on quality due to size! Single bed properties work out at about £900 per month. Two bedroom properties may have open plan receptions with en-suite bathrooms and fully fitted kitchens. Prices start from approximately £1,250 per calendar month.

Luxury apartments in central areas like Knightsbridge or Mayfair can cost thousands of pounds per week to rent but if that’s within your budget you can opt for magnificent six bedroom penthouse apartments in prestigious locations. For your money you’ll get reception rooms with huge terraces, dining room and eat-in kitchen. Master bedrooms will have fitted wardrobes and en-suite bathroom as will the second bedroom. Four more double bedrooms, library, gym, home cinema and balconies with striking views complete the picture.

Short term letting from one day onwards is usually quite an expensive way to rent. Many companies will use a short let as a more cost-effective and convenient alternative to putting you up in a hotel! When renting a property on a short let utility bills are included in the rent excluding telephone services. Long term letting normally starts from six months. This is the most common form of lease agreement for London rentals and generally requires one month’s deposit and one month’s rent in advance.

Whatever size and type of apartment you need it’s well worth using a trusted website to help you with your decisions. A reputable company will happily help you with all of your concerns and make your bookings for you.

The author has great experience in the real estate industry and is currently employed by a company offering apartments to rent in London for holiday purposes.

Almost half a million students are registered in HEI in the British capital city, according to HE Statistics Agency. Daily, thousands of people are visiting London, totalling around 13 million just within 2013.

Term Rentals in San Diego

Here are a few neighborhoods to start with along with some suggested rentals:


Historically settled by Italian families working in the fishing industry, it is now known as a hip neighborhood with amazing restaurants and a well-known farmers’ market on Sundays with fresh produce and live music. Its popularity and proximity to downtown’s commerce district makes it a pricier option compared to other neighborhoods.


More of a sleepy area in the inland part of San Diego. Though it might not be as exciting and fast paced as places close to the downtown, the great value in rentals definitely merits a look into its offerings. It is close to San Diego State University, so if you decide to rent there short term, you may run into a few college parties. Commuting to the downtown area would definitely be a factor if renting here.


Up the northern coast, Encinitas is known for its surfing, moonlit beaches, shops, restaurants and wonderful weather. Rental prices in Encinitas are on the higher side, mostly geared towards families. Carlsbad is just north of Encinitas and shares the same quaint village beach city atmosphere.


Known as a foodie paradise because of the progressive restaurants sprouting up, this once deserted historical area is now becoming a trendy cultural spot for the young newcomers.


Just north of Downtown, this seaside village boasts shops, restaurants, interesting art galleries, museums and a renowned aquarium. Though it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Diego for housing, walking to the serene beach every day might make it up for it:]


Anyone that knows San Diego knows Gaslamp is the place to go for nightlife. It is suggested that if you are coming to San Diego for more than just a few days, (month to month for example), perhaps Gaslamp might not be the best choice (unless you love to party). But if you’re here just for a few days or few weeks, this is a great option to stay and really experience the hustle and bustle of San Diego city.


Oceanside is the less expensive alternative for rentals to Carlsbad and Encinitas in that it is in the north county and by the beach. But this only makes its sandy beaches and up and coming downtown much more valuable. is your online source for sublets, short-term leases, month-to-month rentals and vacation rentals. We decided to start the site and create a community (“hub”) for people who have space they would like to rent out, and for renters looking for space on flexible terms.

The Luxurious Punta Mita

Once a humble fishing village, Punta Mita’s natural beauty has captivated both travelers and investors. Despite its modernity, the town perfectly integrates Mexican culture with the growing tourist interests amidst a tropical paradise setting. The town is equipped with a nice beachfront promenade and a new harbor. Another of the prime assets of Punta Mita are the world class golf courses, which were designed by Jack Nicklaus. Aside from the residences in this gated community, there are two main resorts to choose from, and these are the Four Seasons Resort and St. Regis.

The town is also blessed with a warm and dry weather for most of the year. The sea breeze provides some freshness and coolness during the warmer days. Even in the rainy season, which is from June to September, the days are not always experiencing thunderstorms. Some of the days in this period will be sunny enough for people to still enjoy the outdoors.

One of the many things to do in Punta Mita aside from swimming and relaxing on its beaches is wildlife watching. Bird watching enthusiasts will absolutely love the opportunity of observing hundreds of indigenous and migratory birds, which Punta Mita offers. If you come to visit during December through March, you can also get a chance to watch the winter humpback whale migration. But if you miss out these months, you will always have the Pacific bottle nose dolphins to keep you amused as they swim off the coast. To get a closer look at these friendly and lovable marine creatures, make your way to Dolphin Adventure.

Snorkeling and diving are also two of the main activities to choose from while vacationing in this charming Mexican town. Underneath Punta Mita ‘s waters are a myriad of sea animals like sea turtles, rays and a wide range of tropical fish. It is easy to book a snorkeling tour with the local operators. And if you have some cash to spend, consider treating yourself to luxury yacht cruise that will bring you to offshore destinations like the gorgeous Marieta Islands.

Because it is between the Pacific Ocean and the Banderas Bay, this Mexican town is gifted with beautiful sandy beaches and rocky coves. Punta Mita is known for its rapid development, and has established itself as one of Mexico’s most luxurious communities. Complete with golf courses, resorts, condos and other large tourist facilities, there is no doubt that vacationing in Punta Mita is equivalent to vacationing in style and ultra-comfort.

Make Money With Short Term Rentals

The most important thing when thinking of short term rentals for your property is to find an experienced and reputable agency to work with. This can help you eliminate risk and also give you access to a wider range of potential customers. Using an agency not only reduces stress, but also ensures you have more people staying than you would achieve if you were to rent it out privately, not to mention with limited risk as the agency will handle everything for you. All you have to do is wait for the money to be transferred to your bank account.

Identify the neighbours of your property. This is very important. If you are looking at buying a property in a small block with older neighbours, then you may find that short term rentals are frowned upon. Ensure you choose in a popular area and that there are a number of other rental properties in and around you, this way you can reduce the risk of upsetting neighbours and having to sell or stop renting all together.

Take a close look at your liability. Discuss this with your agent to identify what you will and won’t be responsible for. You will also want to pick up the phone and discuss short term rentals in detail with your insurance broker. You may find that your insurance will be increased due to risk, but if the agent can assure you that you can make this back on rentals, then it may be a very small price to pay in the long run.

Always look at the rental income potential before you buy any properties. If you are buying with the intention of renting the property out on short term, then you want to know if you will enjoy a return on your investment moving forward.

The final step is to ensure you provide your guests with all the furniture, equipment and accessories they need, making your property appealing to all types of short term tenants to increase the time your property is booked compared to when it sits empty.

My Apartments is an experienced provider of high quality apartments in central locations throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. This well-established company provides serviced apartments in top locations and also provides the added convenience of airport transfers and sightseeing experiences. My Apartments comprises of an experienced team of professionals who provide an alternative to hotels for corporate and leisure guests from around the world. They provide competitive rates, a personalised service and can accommodate both short and long term needs.

Rent Your Vacation Villa Through An Agency

A local company is your best bet, as they will be on hand to deal with the property directly when you are not. They will also be able to meet with tenants face to face, as well as manage the upkeep and service of your holiday home. Smaller companies will usually provide a more genuine and personal service, too, so you’ll know you’re in good hands.

As well as being local to your villa, many smaller agencies will be able to tailor their service to your own personal language and culture, resulting in better communication all-round. Often doing business in other countries can be difficult, but the right agency will ensure it remains a smooth and stress-free experience for you.

These days, holiday rental agents will deal with everything concerning your property, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in and the great customer reviews accumulate!

A vacation rental agency will be able to provide you with a number of professional services, including the payment of property-related bills; coordination and payment of housekeeping, repairs and maintenance; employee management; marketing and online listings, including Facebook, Google and other business pages; as well as photography and videography services.

They will also be able to provide customers with airport transfers, recommendations for restaurants, spas and other activities, and ensure they have a stress-free experience staying in your villa. There will also be help on hand for finding local amenities and travelling to outside locations.

So, not only will a good agency keep your property in good condition, they will also deal directly with prospective tenants, and deal with all of the marketing and property analysis – saving you a vast amount of time and money. Make sure you find one with plenty of experience in real estate and property management in your chosen area.

Be aware of any prerequisites the agency you’re dealing with may have. Some companies will only work with luxury accommodation or properties with ocean views, for example, while others will only cover a particular area. Why not ask an agent to come and assess your property to see if it fits their specifications?

You’ll also want to discuss rental rates with them to ensure you are on the same page. Many agencies will specify a minimum nightly rate they’re willing to deal with. This will obviously depend on a number of factors – the size of your villa, its unique features, the location and security systems, to name a few.

Depending on the location of your holiday property, you may also need to procure a Municipal Business Permit before you can rent it out to the public. The most professional rental agencies will be able to help you organise this.

Find out if there are any other special requirements needed to rent your holiday property. Holiday rental agencies are usually experts in this area, so they will know exactly how to advise you. It’s a good idea to make sure there is wheelchair access to your property, as well as plenty of bathroom and kitchen facilities to you don’t lose out on custom.

Rent a Holiday Home Safely And With Serenity

A holiday break must be fun and only fun. Before you get carried away by your enthusiasm, just be careful and everything will be fine.

Here are my tips:

1. Cross the information found on the Internet: if the house that seems to meet all your criteria has its own website, check if it also appears on well-known holiday rentals websites, In general, the owners want to have the largest visibility and advertise their property in several websites. Some of them clearly mention for how long the owner has been a member, which is totally reassuring as to the existence of the holiday rental and its quality. Indeed, the owner cannot remove negative reviews.

2. Contact the owner personally: in general, the major sites of holiday rentals give the owner’s telephone number and even his picture. Call him and ask him all the questions you have in mind. Of course, this does not completely rule out fraud, but a personal contact will allow you to ask a lot of very specific questions about the house and its surrounding.

3. Ask for his address ( his home and not his holiday rental ) and check on Google if he actually lives there. You can also ask for his number of identity card or his profession. Cross this information with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. An owner who has nothing to hide will have no difficulty to provide you with this information.

4. Request an invoice related to the holiday rental: such as electricity or water, with the name of the owner.

5. Ask for more photos of the house or property than those published on the Internet: an owner should be able to send them to you.

6. Make sure that there is a rental contract, ask for it and read it carefully. If necessary, have it read by a lawyer or a real estate agency

7. Beware of owners who do not update their calendar: this procedure allows fraudsters to rent the same periods to different holidaymakers!

8. Avoid too tempting offers: have in mind the famous “too good to be true”! Compare the property to other similar properties on the market. If the difference is too big, it’s worth investigating a bit more. Scammers use this technique to seduce their victims.

9. Pay attention to the means of payment: You have now made your choice and it is time to pay. A deposit of 25-30% to secure the booking is common practice Usually, the balance has to be paid a few weeks before your arrival. Some owners will accept the balance in cash upon arrival, In case of a bank transfer, do not hesitate to pay by credit card or PayPal. Propose to pay the fees: you will be completely protected.

10. In many countries, the owner must have a specific license to rent his holiday villa or apartment. In Greece, it is called “EOT license.” This document assures that the holiday rental meets the required criteria for its category.

11. To avoid any unpleasant surprise during your stay, make sure you have a local contact in case of problems. If the owner does not live in the area and the property is not managed by an agency, you MUST know who can help you if the washing machine breaks down, if you forget your keys inside the villa or if the turquoise colour of the pool water has turned to flashy green…

12. Feel free to ask any questions BEFORE you sign the contract: most of the serious owners want their customers to be fully satisfied. The famous word of mouth and some good reviews on the Internet are their best reward. Clarify in advance the services included in the rental price or not: utilities, air conditioning, cleaning, linen, pool maintenance, etc. Learn about the distances to the beach, town, shopping and entertainment.

13. A tour of the property: Most landlords will ask you to pay a security deposit, refunded on departure or a few days later. Suggest to the person who will welcome you to make a tour of the property with you. If this is not possible, do it yourself just after you arrive. If you detect any damage, take a picture of it and inform IMMEDIATELY the owner.

14. Do not hesitate to take out cancellation insurance: this investment will give you peace of mind, especially if your rental is expens

The Inside Secrets

I have seen this from both sides of the street as an owner who hired a different management companies and as a management company owner. In most high traffic tourist and vacation rental areas there will be a few very large vacation rental management companies and many smaller companies. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

We want to take a look at the larger vacation rental companies exploring the advantages and disadvantages. Many owners make the assumption that “if they are bigger they must be better”. These companies receive a lot of traffic on their websites and usually pay to do Internet marketing to get greater exposure on Internet searches by potential guests. They often do a good amount of additional advertising such as billboards in the community. The larger companies have fulltime staff to handle emergencies as they come up. Many will offer professional photography and copywriting at no charge to gain your listing if you contract for a year of representation. We believe that high quality photographs and copy are essential to your success so this is a huge bonus. Often larger vacation rental companies have staff handymen and women as well as property managers to oversee listings

Logically there is not a great deal of concern for each individual owner rather a concern for profits and margins. It can also be difficult to reach your contact person because after all they have 200 owners to communicate with and that is not easy for the one or two main sales people. One of the largest problems we have come across, in the North Georgia Mountain area, is hiring honest, reliable, drug and crime free staff. Cleaners are particularly hard to find. The question is what percent of the cleaners hired by a large vacation rental company don’t have a problem with crime or drugs. Since the large company requires a huge number of cleaners and cleaners work outside the office it is difficult to insure that there are not many bad apples in the bunch until after something bad happens. Larger companies are highly concerned with the bottom line so they tend to pay cleaners and non-income producing staff lower wages. The combination of low wages and poorly screened staff contribute to problems such as theft.

If you choose to hire a large vacation rental company make sure to look for any hidden fees you may be charged. Ask about the staff and how they are screened along with how access to your unit is controlled. We also suggest that you rent a unit from the company you are looking at before you contact them to represent.

Luxury Home Rentals

Vacationers all over the world are moving away from staying in traditional hotels and resorts and expanding their horizons to include luxury home rentals. Websites such as HomeAway and Air B&B are making headlines with the growing popularity in the use of private residences for vacations. Rates are offered on a weekly basis. However, monthly rates and extended stay options are also available to fit the diverse needs of travelers.

The use of private residences as vacation rentals combine the convenience and amenities offered by hotels and resorts with the privacy and indulgence of a luxury home. Clients enjoy a fully furnished homes that include fully equipped kitchens making staying in an attractive and relaxing option. Though hotels and resorts often have many suite options to choose from, private residences tend to provide more space and versatility. They are also great for entertaining.

Affordability is also an excellent point to consider as luxury rentals tend to be far more affordable than renting a suite or penthouse. Manuel Antonio offers accommodations starting as low $200 per night. They have options that start at condos and apartments. More indulgent and larger villas are also available in excess of five bedrooms to offer accommodations to large groups and celebrities looking for a destination getaway. They are also great for events.

The company offers all the same amenities as a hotel or a resort and clients enjoy complimentary maintenance and housekeeping. However, the services are conveniently scheduled with the client to not interfere with their vacation itinerary. Of rentals come standard with concierge services as well. These are also a great option to consider for parties or weddings as they offer both privacy and exclusivity for the event, as well as luxury and convenience.

The staff pride themselves in being locals and island experts on every subject. From choosing an exclusive bar or restaurant, to the best scenic views and drives, they offer the expert advice that only a local can. In an effort to make an unforgettable vacation, they will direct vacationers to the most beautiful hidden treasures across the island and also provide support in booking activities and making reservations to make for a stress-free getaway for clients.

Affordability is also an excellent point to consider as luxury rentals tend to be far more affordable than renting a suite or penthouse. Manuel Antonio offers accommodations starting as low $200 per night. They have options that start at condos and apartments. More indulgent and larger villas are also available in excess of five bedrooms to offer accommodations to large groups and celebrities looking for a destination getaway. They are also great for events.

The Undiscovered Beauty Is Delineated In Words!

The Island is unspoilt and you can experience that you have reached in centuries-old land with no busy streets and no artificial glitter. There is no airport which might be the reason of its unspoilt ambience and lack of mass tourism. A very selective crowd of visitors come to explore this undiscovered Island. If you want to reach here, then book a ferry or water taxi from Corfu. The ferry will drop you at the main port of Gaios.

From the moment you arrived here, you can feel and see what you have called it – the purity and serenity in nature and settlement. If you want to see the settlement of Greece, then you should visit Gaios. Lakka and Loggos are two more harbor villages of this small Island to amaze you. Traditional Tavernas near the harbors can make your dining experience eccentric with Greek food. And, it’s an amazing feeling when sea is ready to touch your feet while you are having your lunch.

If you are not the person who wants to relax for the whole day, then you can head to the west coast. Book a boat ride and explore the rugged and rough coastal area of Paxos. Sea caves and limestone cliffs will be there to show you the ruggedness of this island in a beautiful way.

Apart from this scenic beauty, you can experience the Greek history and culture very closely. Thanks to the churches, museums, and secluded villa houses which can give you the chance to see the Greek culture, history and art very closely. Some villas are abandoned, but some are managed well by their owners and is provided for rent to tourists.

You won’t find hotels or guesthouse here. Hardly two hotels are available for accommodation. But, villas are available in huge count with all luxury amenities to offer you the most relaxing stay.

So, you will have to book your stay at one of the Greek Island villas. No one will bother your comfort and peace, because the seclusion is the specialty of these rentals. No one will disturb your privacy and solitude, except the cool breeze coming from the beach or pleasing sound from the olive grove carpet. If you are dreaming yourself at this location, then start planning your trip for this beautiful Island of Paxos.

Every Island has own flora and fauna along with the uniqueness. But, the most beautiful and captivating Island you will find in Greece is the Paxos. This is the smallest Island in Ionian Ocean, which justifies itself with the serenity and the purity spread everywhere.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are the relatively new kid on the block, taking the accommodation decision to another level when it comes to family travel. Their popularity may lie with the changing attitude about what travelers are looking in accommodations. There was a time when just having a nice bed, an operating shower, and a way to control the room temperature sufficed, but as with just about everything, consumer tastes have changed, and they demand more.

Traveling with your family means traveling with children, and for anyone who has watched a parent travel with a kid, it means there’s an entire production to making it happen. You may have to travel with toys, separate luggage, and electronic devices. This takes up space, and in a traditional hotel room, finding space for additional items like this is hard. Factor in multiple children, and it’s easy to see why a regular hotel room may not suffice, especially when you consider you have yet to factor in what parents bring along.

Extra space, it seems, tends to top most lists as to why vacation rentals tend to be ideal for families. This notion of space is key to note because vacation rentals tend to have separate bedrooms & multiple bathrooms. Traditional accommodations tend to have a family work around one or sinks situated uncomfortably close to the facilities, and if someone is using the shower, everyone else has to wait.

Amenities are the name of the game when it comes to vacation rentals. The aim of these properties is to make you feel as though you are in a “home away from home”. You are able to cook in a “home” environment with food you bought at the local grocery store. This may not seem like a big deal, and in many ways, some would argue that you’re working on your vacation. Travel experts, though, point out that one of the leading budget-breakers during family travel is going out to eat for nearly every meal. This way, you can control the cost of your meals, and it actually becomes the ideal way for the whole family to sit together & talk about the day’s activities.

In the end, perhaps the best reason for a family to choose a vacation rental is because it can be the most cost-efficient way to travel. There are those that would argue that if all you’re trying to do is save money, you’re not enjoying yourselves. However, travel gurus point out that if you effectively work your budget out, you have more of your travel funds to dedicate to more fun stuff. Take guided tours on horseback. Get the family together for a skiing lesson. Check out a local fine dining restaurant & get all dressed up together for a fancy dinner.