Spend Vacation Street Shopping in Mumbai!

If healthy street shopping is your plan, then visit Mumbai – the city that never sleeps, yet is called the city of dreams. Spend your family vacation street shopping in Mumbai with the multiple options you get to shop in this metropolitan. In fact, you can also find the brand-conscious people wandering through the famous streets of this city and taking back home hand full of shopping bags. Therefore, buying from the roadside never defines your status. It is just a fun way to spend some quality time with your beloved ones along with you laying your hands over some wonderful street stuff. Make such a shopping family holiday in Mumbai your half yearly affair because it would not disappoint you.

A weeklong stay in Mumbai might be sufficient for you to explore the four popular streets in this city. Starting with the Linking Road on the first day of your trip, going to the Hill Road on the second, you can thereby discover the best of Bandra. Moving on to the Fashion Street in Churchgate and the Colaba Causeway on the third and fourth day respectively, you will cover almost each happening shopping destination of Mumbai. All of these places have some really wonderful clothes, footwear, bags, and accessories on display as you walk to the end of the street. These vibrant and colorful streets are always crowded with people passionate about taking the ongoing trend home with them. Mumbai – one of the best holiday destinations in India can be explored for so much more including street shopping. However, keep one thing in mind that you can bargain tremendously when you purchase on the street. The vendors might start with a high price but stoop down to the lowest and most reasonable as you bargain. For this, one needs to have a good bargaining sense, or be ready to be fooled.

Your Mumbai street shopping trip with your family can be made more exciting with the roadside food that you can savor here. Prepared in absolute Mumbaiya style, the mouthwatering vada pav, chaat, and Chinese food that you can relish at the roadside food stalls is a one of its kind experience. Like this, along with shopping and eating, you can holiday with your family in the city of Mumbai and have the best time of your life!

The author of this article finds nothing wrong in street shopping and consuming roadside food. He suggests you to have a street shopping family vacation to Mumbai to experience the fun of buying from the road.